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Honda CB reviews

Honda CB reviews

Good afternoon, or evening, everyone. I decided to tell you about my first honda cb 400 motorcycle – before it I rode only a 50cc moped. In general, passing on category A, I began to think about buying a motorcycle. I looked at 200 cubes, after consulting with experts in this business, I immediately realized that 200 cubes would get boring very quickly, I was offered 400. I looked at many different motorcycles – Kawasaki zzr400, zxr400, Suzuki bandit 400, etc. In general, after reading the reviews about the above devices, I realized that this is not for me. zzr has problems with the gearbox, zxr is frisky for a beginner. And the bandit is extremely unreliable. I fell into despair. All the motorcycles that I liked turned out to be, roughly speaking, "Not very". I wanted a good bike that didn’t break down after every kilometer. And then I saw a very interesting motorcycle on the street – Honda cb 400. The owner was a friend of my friend. After talking with the owner and reading the reviews, I realized YES THIS IS HE, the motorcycle that I want. Not whimsical, calm / kind motorcycle, beautiful in appearance. Well, a week later I became the owner of this device, the first sensations were indescribable, after a 50 cc moped cb 400 seemed like a ROCKET, in the truest sense of the word (of course I understand that there are sportbikes, etc. ..), but for me it was real bullet! I almost always rode with a girlfriend (60kg), the dynamics were sorely enough, and when I dropped my girlfriend off at the house and drove to my house, there was a feeling that I got on a different motorcycle, the dynamics became different. the bike literally fell apart
from under me. What I want to say is that 400 cubic meters does not carry two people. If you want to rock, then go alone =). I have been riding for 5 months now, the motorcycle still gives me pleasant impressions, namely, for 20 thousand / km of run I have NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING broke / fell off. And the dynamics of dispersal is still pleasing. I only change consumables (fluids, chain, rubber). In general, if you are new to MOTO, then this bike is for you!

April 30, 2014 Good afternoon or evening, everyone. I decided to tell you about my first honda cb 400 motorcycle – before it I rode only a 50cc moped. Generally passed on the category. more

Skated a season on the 2001 Hornet. I’ll make a reservation right away: before that there was XX. Therefore, in some respects, the attitude towards him was itself built on an involuntary comparison with him, what was possible and normal for Shershen, seemed to me a minus based on past experience. From the point of view of dynamics, reliability, pontovitost, it is a great alternative to its brother-soldiers from the big four. Honda is Honda. This is already an advantage in itself. For the city – super, for the tracks – well, not for very long distances. The narrow seat and the lack of wind protection make you think about rest after a few tens of kilometers. Excellent dynamics in 1-3 gears, then it starts to lose a little in playfulness, it is very good at high speeds and has a very reliable motor. Over 15,000 km. not a drop of oil in the pipe (at least it seemed to me, judging by the level). Manageability at the highest level, slightly perceptible, absolutely not straining vibrations. In my opinion, it is ideal for pilots up to 175 cm tall and not very large build. Some other negatives are https://cars45.co.ke/listing/bmw/m5 the lack of a center stand, relatively high consumption (approx. 6.5 l), non-adjustable suspension (only spring tensioner), soft fork.

07/08/2014 Skated the season on the 2001 Hornet. I’ll make a reservation right away: before that there was XX. Therefore, according to some parameters, the attitude towards him was built on an involuntary comparison. more

intensive braking in practice. Cons: – Of the minuses (which, by the way, is absent on the 1300 model) – 18" wheels, the size of the rear rubber is 170/60, which makes buying it a whole adventure, because the choice of rubber with this size is very small. All manufacturers I found 3 or 4 suitable models.So, in theory, you can put 180/55, it turns out to be almost the same in height, which will not affect the speed, dynamics and speedometer readings. On the other hand, there is no loss of power like on a cardan. With a passenger weighing 80-100 kg, during heavy braking, the fork knocks on the tubercles. – Absolutely fucked up switch valve. It is TERRIBLY tight, it’s almost impossible to switch it on the go. although I manage to do things from time to time t it on the go. – A high saddle (a minus for me, for someone it’s not a big deal – with my height of about 175 I can’t fully reach the ground, I stand on my toes, although I’m used to it. True, because of this, I dropped the bike several times in place or very low speeds – Lack of wind protection – at speeds of 120 or more it starts to blow off. It is treated by installing a wind deflector (even a small one plays its role, it diverts the air flow above the body, onto the shoulders and head. On the one hand
it seems that you have to fight with the flow of the wind, on the other hand it supports the body very well in an upright position, which allows you to relax. In general, you put a visor and one less minus. Plus a whole car: – Rubber engine, in 5th gear I accelerate it from 1000 rpm (I tried it once for the sake of experiment) – while the engine, of course, is hard, but it does not twitch and runs smoothly. On the bottoms there is excellent traction, with a passenger it goes uphill at idle without gas (idle 1000 – 100 revolutions). – very smooth torque characteristic. Starting somewhere from 2-3 thousand revolutions and above, the operation of the engine is easily predictable, there are no pronounced explosions. The engine spins up to the cutoff (10.5 thousand) without tension. A red mark from 9 thousand. I unscrewed it several times at the first and was surprised when the engine suddenly stopped spinning, that is, there was a feeling that it could still be twisted and twisted, but the limiter had already worked. – The engine on it is derated (93 hp) from the CBR1000, if I’m not mistaken, it has more than 140 hp in the original, that is, roughly speaking, the engine is used approximately 2/3 of its capabilities, which, of course , increases the resource of the Nepadese. – Suspension deserves special praise, adjustable rear shocks. Spring, as usual, with precompression plus two shock absorber adjustments, for compression and rebound. It can be made from very soft to wood-hard, and you don’t need to untwist anything. There are two simple knobs that you turn with your fingers. me somehow
rolled back and I went nuts, really softer ride than the driver’s seat Hawa any irregularities, from small to large. Ahead somehow stronger shakes, probably because of a simple fork. – Handling and weight. Well, let’s just say it’s not a sport, so it’s not entirely correct to compare it with sports. It’s basically a big, heavy bike, designed to go anywhere, not frenetic, drastic maneuvers. In place, due to its considerable weight and high center of gravity, it seems very heavy. On the move, this heaviness is not felt, that is, he responds sensitively to the actions of the driver, but one way or another, the weight makes itself felt. Slow driving in traffic tires your hands and gives the impression of such a heavy bumpkin But nevertheless, you can maneuver quite well, you just need to put more effort, I think. On the other hand, it’s just PARADISE on the track. One dude called it (motik) a tram. You put it on the lane and that’s it, you can go to the back seat to play cards. It rides very confidently at any speed, almost does not blow away from oncoming trucks or sharp gusts of side wind. In turns, it lays down almost to the footboard (then I was just scared. In general, it’s ideal for driving on the highway, I like it after my last bikes because of this Nepadetskaya. – Dynamics – don’t expect super speeds from her, this, again, is not its maximum speed is 190 (according to the speedometer) on domestic Japanese models (limiter can be removed), and 230 on European models without a limiter.
Drive 5 km/h in a traffic jam at idle speed and jump ahead if necessary. It accelerates no worse than a good cubature sport. Well, of course, with a discount on size and weight. You need to understand that the greater the speed, the more it will yield to sports in terms of dynamics. My absolutely not straining is gaining its 190 and flies like an airplane. Cruising speed on the highway is 130-160, I most often drive 140. And it’s more convenient for me and it’s less sausage, and the consumption is optimal. – Overtaking – on the track is just lovely. Due to the ability to accelerate sharply and good brakes, you can overtake in those situations where I would not risk it on another skein. When I was driving to the Crimea, there was a wildly busy Nikolaev-Kherson highway, and even beyond Kherson to Krasnoperekopsk. In reality, 30-40 cars in a column drove 50-70 km / h behind the trucks, and the dense oncoming traffic made it impossible to overtake. I overtook one car at a time. I saw a hole – a sharp acceleration, overtaking, braking and returning to my lane. She allows this to be done without risk to herself. It is not necessary to screw her "for all the money", but if necessary, she will show what she is capable of. – Consumption – as for a liter, not large. In the city somewhere 7 – 7.5l, on the highway depends on the driving mode. With a passenger of 65 kg, weight at a speed of 120-140 is somewhere around 6 – 6.5 liters. Loaded, I don’t know. My speedometer is dead (or rather, I killed it) and lately it has been difficult to measure consumption. By the way – at 1300, the consumption according to the manuals seems to be 8-11 liters, at 1000 – 6-10. Roughly speaking, under the same modes, 1300 hawala 1-2 liters more. – Landing.
after the steed, I felt at home. That is, it does not bother me at all. the only thing that was uncomfortable (or even rather unusual) was that the legs were bent, but not like in sports, that is, it was quite relaxed. – Plus, I think the absence of plastic, in which case there is nothing to beat. – The brakes are beyond praise, they just break into the ground, considering the 250 kg weight of the motorbike and my 110. Really, after the steed, I went nuts from them, and, getting used to the Siberian horse, I rode the steed – it seemed to me that braking with my feet on the asphalt on it is much more effective. Yes, I still have reinforced hoses, probably this improves the quality of braking. – The weight distribution is excellent, judging by the reaction of the rear brake, it is close to ideal. The rear brake, compared to other motorcycles, is very, very tenacious. Of course, in skidding the wheel can be torn off without problems, but I always use two brakes and the effectiveness of the rear brake probably increases the overall braking efficiency by 20-30 percent. I even noticed that in non-emergency cases I use the rear brake more than the front. – The sound is quiet enough, but I have a tuning carbon muffler installed by the previous owner. How much of a role it plays, I don’t know. One pleases – it is not heated almost. Briefly summarizing, based on my experience with it, I can say the following: This is a versatile motorcycle. You can ride it with equal success.

07/08/2014 In urban conditions, and for long distances, and even on dirt roads (although of course there is less comfort than on enduro). In general, a trip to nature / fishing, etc. will not .

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